anthony compagni


Anthony Compagni is the accomplished Executive Chef and Partner of Benvenuti’s in Norman, Oklahoma that opened in March 2005. 

Chef Compagni has been in the commercial kitchen since the age of 15, but started learning even earlier in his Father’s and Nana’s kitchens. 

After graduating with honors from Scottsdale Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Compagni has worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants and hotels in America. 

Chef Compagni offers old world Italian with a new world twist. With more than a decade of influential Italian cuisine, Chef Compagni is sure to offer a dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and have you coming back until you have sampled the entire menu. 

tarasina compagni


Tarasina Compagni joined the Benvenuti’s team in 2015. She believes that people dining at Benvenuti’s are not customers, they are part of the Compagni family. With her Brother Anthony at the kitchen’s helm, her Sister-in-Law Celisse directing the pastry and dessert department, Tarasina completes this locally owned and operatedbusiness at the front of the house with a Family-First take on customer service. 

Tarasina moved to Norman after a rewarding career in fine jewelry. She managed stores for Kay Jewelers for over ten years, where she was recognized nationally for her accomplishments. Most recently as a Regional Sales Director for Fred Meyer Jewelers, she was responsible for 15 stores in Utah and Southern Idaho and served on a national employee relations committee for Kroger.